So the Jews Wrote Christmas Did They?

So the Jews Wrote Christmas Did They?
April 20, 2017 Jason Charters
The Sea Hi Chinese Chop Suey Tavern

Well, they didn’t actually write the holiday, but it has been a fairly poorly kept secret for some time that a bunch of them did in fact write much of the music.

And given our proclivity to burst into song every once-in-a-while here at Riddle Films, and our envy of all those gentiles eating pudding, we decided to make a film about it.  It’s a kind of musical documentary that is in part the story of immigrant experiences as well as a loving tribute to these songs and songwriters.

So tune in here for updates on the production.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Filming begins this week and it will be airing in at least seven different countries at Christmas 2017!

– Riddle Films

Riddle Films - Liam Romalis and Jason Charters

The producers: Liam Romalis and Jason Charters on-set during filming of the JWWC