Christmas in April

Christmas in April
April 20, 2017 Liam Romalis
on set at the sea-hi

It’s 6:58pm on the first day of shooting. We have exactly 47 minutes left in our day and two set ups to go. It’s been an intense day for all departments figuring out how to work in a limited space of a few hundred feet. It’s a complicated ballet that is only matched by the choreography of our waiters as they fly around the set loaded with trays of egg rolls and rice balls formed into the shape of a snowman.

We are trying a bold experiment that will set the stage for the remaining days of shooting – to record and film all of the vocals live off the floor. Ordinarily, all the songs get pre-recorded and performers sing to playback. But not us. Not on our watch. At this moment the jury is out on the success of this plan.

Amazingly, the first day feels like several lifetimes. But as we all know so well, the days feel slow at first and then bolt by at a incredible speed.

The producers would like to offer our early and profound thanks to the cast and crew. They have been nothing short of amazing.

The Producers (now 7:13pm)



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